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Golden Chemical Organizes 1st Session of 6th Vice-Chairman Meeting for TCT

Author:    Click:136    DateTime:2017-8-29 10:52:03

       The first session of the sixth vice-chairman meeting for TCT was held in Nanjing on August 25. Nanjing Golden Chemical Co., Ltd. attended the meeting as an organizer. 

       China Ceramic Industry Association Technical Committee for Tiling (Technical Committee for Tiling for short, or TCT), an affiliate of China Ceramic Industry Association, is a national industrial organization dedicated to research and promotion of ceramic tile adhesive materials and application technologies. 

       The meeting focused on current situation and future trend of the ceramic tile adhesive industry, problems it is facing and solutions to them. How to introduce international books and periodicals on ceramic tile pavement and backing adhesives from other countries has become the main topic of the meeting.

       At the beginning of the meeting, Li Wenqing, deputy secretary general of TCT, reviewed the work of the committee in the first half of 2017 and announced the work plan for the second half of the year. Zeng Jianfeng, technical director of Lei Di (China) building materials Co., Ltd, and Wang Xiaofeng, commercial director of VASA, gave speeches on “popular books and periodicals on ceramic tile pavement in other countries”and “research report on China’s ceramic tile adhesive industry”respectively. In addition, certification of backing adhesives and association certificate, and the entrance of new members are discussed and decided. 

       The attendees visited Golden Chemical on the afternoon of August 25. They recognized achievements of Golden Chemical and its humanized working environment, hoping that all sides could contribute their due share to the sustainable development of ceramic tile adhesive industry.

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