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Golden Chemical 1st Skin Care Tech Forum Concludes

Author:    Click:221    DateTime:2017-8-31 17:18:37

       Guangzhou Guyi Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nanjing Golden Chemical Co., Ltd., hosted the First Skin Care Tech Forum in Guangzhou on August 25 with honored guests from Dow Chemical, Solvay and Shanghai Chunlu Biochemical Co., Ltd., and more than 100 formulators of the skin care field attending the forum. 

       Wang Shizuo, Deputy General Manager of Golden Chemical and General Manager of Guangzhou Guyi , made a speech. On behalf of Golden Chemical and Guyi Chemical, he welcomed friends from the industry, gave an account of the development of Household and Personal Care division and Golden Chemical, as well as talent cultivation strategies of the company, and invited attendees to discuss the new development trend. 

       Bao Xinyan from Dow Chemical introduced Dow’s solutions of skin care formulations.

       In the afternoon, Pan Honglin, business development manager from Home and Personal Care, Solvay, presented several new products. 

       Professor Xu Yaozhong from Shanghai Chunlu Biochemical Co., Ltd. introduced the typical new product MHA Micro. 

       Xue Yifen, technical director of Household and Personal Care division, Golden Chemical, brought formulations for skin care and baby care developed by Golden Chemical at the forum. 

       To help customers who did not come to the forum gain access to excellent speeches made by Dow, Solvay, Chunlu and Golden Chemical, Golden Chemical made a live broadcast for the first time, getting more elites in the industry involved in the tech event.

       The guests also experienced formulations developed by Golden Chemical which brought clearness and smoothness to the skin. Products for baby care, in particular, won wide recognition from attendees trying these products.

       Thanks to the strong support from suppliers and customers, our First Skin Care Tech Forum concluded with fruitful results. Thank you for your coming and patient listening. We will spare no effort to offer more comprehensive solutions to you.