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Golden Chemical R & D Center to Move to Nanjing Chemical Industry Park in 2018

Author:    Click:169    DateTime:2017-9-22 17:16:24

       Golden Chemical signed an agreement with Zijin (NCIP) Technology Incubation Special Park recently that the R & D Center of Golden Chemical is expected to move to Nanjing Chemical Industry Park in 2018.

       Covering a total floor area of 2500 m2, the new site for the R & D center will be divided into four parts, namely, the research and development center, offices, the sample center and pilot test area. After the relocation, taking advantage of resource concentration and industry clusters in the industry park, Golden Chemical will employ more professionals in chemical engineering, equip the center with complete lab facilities and provide enterprises in the industry park with supporting products and services.

       Established in 2001, Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, focusing on the development of modern chemical engineering, is the only specialized park in Jiangsu Province approved by the national government. The park brings together Fortune Global 500 companies such as BASF and BP and over 20 chemical enterprises among the top 50 ones, with Ashland, Wacker and many other industry-leading multinational companies settled here. The park has developed a modern system for the chemical industry supported by two industrial chains of petrochemical engineering and C1, with new materials, life sciences and high-end chemicals as its main focus. It also boasts environmentally-friendly chemical production that is competitive in the world, logistics designed for the chemical industry, professionals of the industry and research, development and innovation centers.

       Now the design of the new site of Golden Chemical’s R &D center is under way. The whole relocation is expected to be finished in 2018.