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Golden Chemical, with Dow Chemical, Wacker, Attends Zhejiang Architectural Coatings Conference 2017

Author:    Click:181    DateTime:2017-9-26 10:43:29

       Zhejiang Architectural Coatings Conference 2017 was co-hosted by Adhesive Coating Technology Association of Zhejiang and National Chemical Building Materials Quality and Inspection Center in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province from September 21 to 23. Chen Jing, technical service director of Dow Coating Materials in Asia Pacific, Yang Weijiang, technical service manager, Wu Meiqun, technical sales representative, and Hu Hao, regional technical service manager from Dow Coating Materials in North Asia, Lu Yufeng, sales manager at Wacker Chemie in East China, Zhang Zhiliang, technical manager at Wacker Polymers and sales staff of Coating & Construction division of Golden Chemical, attended the conference.

       At the conference, Yang Weijiang, technical service manager of Dow Coating Materials in North Asia, gave a keynote speech on Green Coatings: our Practice in Coating Industry, illustrating impact and damage of the environment caused by industrialization during human’s life circle and pointing out that green coatings are effective solutions to sustainable development. He also expressed that Dow Chemical has been committed to research and development of green coatings, believing that the application of green coatings is the final direction for the development of the coating industry. 

       Zhang Zhiliang, technical manager at Wacker Polymers, delivered a speech on Development Trend of Cementitious Tile Adhesives from the Perspective of Changes in JCT547-2017, giving an account of the differences between the new standard of cementitious tile adhesives and the old one. Meanwhile, he explained swells and cracks for lack of binding force of cementitious tile adhesives and offered practical solutions to them.

       He also presented decoration mortars to the attendees and invited friends from the coating industry in Zhejiang to join the mortar seminar to be held by Golden Chemical in this December.