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Golden Chemical Attends 17th ACE: to Forge Ahead with Green Development

Author:    Click:168    DateTime:2017-10-20 17:25:33

       The 17th National Agrochemical Exchange Meeting & AgroChemEx (ACE) was held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition from October 15 to 17. As a professional service provider and chemical distributor and one of the most valuable partners of Dow Chemical and Vertellus, Nanjing Golden Chemical Co., Ltd. brought new products, technologies and concepts to the exposition, attracting many people from the chemical industry to come for consultation and communication.

In the three-day exposition, a continuous stream of visitors came to Golden Chemical’s stand.

A group photo of Golden Chemical’s Agro-science & Pharmacy division

       The pesticide industry has been haunted by the increasingly stern environmental protection requirements since September, 2016. With fewer upstream plants coming into operation and some manufacturers stopping production, materials and intermediates are in shortage. As a result, the prices of original medicines have skyrocketed and many manufacturers have stopped offering quotation or receiving orders. 

       Under this circumstance, responding to the call of the government, Golden Chemical has adhered to the path of environmental protection and forged ahead with green development.

       We are committed to providing various kinds of high-quality and branded agrochemical additives that are environmentally-friendly and can meet the demand of mainstream agents.

       In addition, our R & D team is also working on the development and upgrade of additive formulations, making contributions to addressing challenges by taking advantage of our resources and technology.

       Apart from green and efficient agrochemical additives, our company also provides such materials and intermediates applied to original medicines of synthetic pesticides as pyridine and its derivatives, ethanolamine, ethylene amine, polyethylene glycol as well as ether and alcohol solvents.

       Dedicated to “green and environmental production, high-quality and efficiency”, Golden Chemical will join force with you to live through the “Ice Age” of the agrochemical industry and welcome the forthcoming dawn together!