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Golden Chemical Recognized as One of “Top 10 Material Suppliers” on CPCDE 2017

Author:    Click:248    DateTime:2017-11-24 14:15:36

       The good news came following the conclusion of the International Cosmetics, Personal Care & Detergents Expo (CPCDE) 2017 that Golden Chemical was recognized as one of “Top 10 Material Suppliers” along with famous manufacturers including BASF and AkzoNobel. The recognition marks a steady progress that Golden Chemical has made in the cosmetics, personal care & detergents field.

       The International Cosmetics, Personal Care & Detergents Expo (CPCDE) 2017 was held at Nanjing International Expo Centre from November 21 to 23. As a primary agent of Dow Chemical, Solvay, AkzoNobel, and Vertellus, major material suppliers in this field, Golden Chemical, its Household and Personal Care division in particular, attended the exposition.

       The exposition attracted many visitors to come for consultation. With enthusiasm and professional explanation, staff in Household and Personal Care division had exciting conversations with both potential and existing customers on our products and solutions. 

      We presented our comprehensive solutions to customers at the exposition. 

       ETB: A low odor solvent with light minty smell. As the best alternative to BCS and BCB and other solvents, it boasts high water-solubility, fast volatility, and inactive photochemical reaction and is gentle to the skin. 

       CA Series: The gel-free product features low pour point, low foam, and excellent compatibility. As it is green and environmentally-friendly, CA Series is a better choice to replace NP-10 or to develop high concentrated products considering the strict requirement on environment protection.

       ACUSOL 845: Compared with traditional dispersants, it boasts more obvious effects in cleaning aid and better compatibility. It can make white clothes more white and colorful clothes more colorful.

       GLDA: A green and safe chelating agent which adapts to a wide range of pH values and can co-exist with enzyme.

       We are looking forward to meeting you at the next CPCDE to be held in Zhuhai in 2018!