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Golden Chemical Holds Annual Meeting 2018

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       Golden Chemical held its 8th annual meeting at Nanjing Shengshi Jinling Hotel on January 19 to summarize its achievements in 2017 and look into future development in 2018. In the joyful reunion, excellent teams and individuals were recognized. We have captured several splendid moments to share with you, showing more active sides of Golden Chemical’s people which are hidden when they do business or exchange technical experience. 

Stage setting

Rich awards for the annual meeting

Irrepressible excitement

Zhu Lin General Manager at Golden Chemical gives speeches.

Beautiful hosts and hostesses appears!

Opening dance—Hou Sai Lei performed by Girls from Guangzhou Guyi

Song Wu Di Zi Rong by Industrial Cleaning & Lubricants Division electrifies the whole house.

Comedy Go Home Often by Coating & Construction Division

Sand painting by Yao Linhui from Import and Export Division, receiving thundering applause

Pajamas-styled dance Myth by Textile & Leather Division 

Chorus Ture Heros by Intermediate, Oilfield Water Treatment and Pulp & Paper departments

Creative performance We are Together: people from Silicon Department show beautiful scenes with their hands.

“Zhang Dehua” from Agro-science & Pharmacy Division sings a song Ice Rain that resembles the original one.

Much-anticipated Victoria's Secret Show by Guangzhou Guyi 

Song The Story of Time by Finance Department

School-styled song and dance Hello, Tomorrow by female assistants

Chorus Happy Chinese New Year by Information Development Department with strong Spring Festival atmosphere

Lucky winners in lucky draws at the annual meeting

Remember the beautiful moment

Welcome 2018 with smile and laughter