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Golden Chemical Appointed Exclusive Distributor in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu by Dow Coating Materials

Author:    Click:197    DateTime:2018-2-2 9:53:55

       Dow Coating Materials gave a training for staff at Coating & Construction Division, Golden Chemical at the headquarters of Dow Chemical on January 29.

       During the one-day training, Dow Coating Materials gave an account of current conditions of the coating market and applications of Dow’s new products, such as reflective thermal insulation coatings, finishing varnish, multicolor coatings, elastic coating, primers and interior wall coatings.

       After the training, Dow Coating Materials and Coating & Construction Division at Golden Chemical held a party. Dow Chemical boasts not only powerful technical service teams, but also deep understanding of customers’ demand. As a distributor of Dow Chemical, Golden Chemical spared no effort to deliver the exact value of Dow’s products to customers in 2017. In this connection, Dow Coating Materials appointed Nanjing Golden Chemical Co., Ltd. as its distributor in East China Region (Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu) once again in 2018.

       From now on, we will join hands with Dow Coating Materials to explore the market and provide better services, contributing to the orderly and sound development of the coating industry.