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Golden Chemical Recognized as Four-Star Enterprise by NYCMA

Author:    Click:179    DateTime:2018-2-6 10:28:16

       Recently, Golden Chemical was recognized as Four-Star Enterprise by Nanjing YiZhiDu Chemical Management Association.

As a time-honored chemical trader, Golden Chemical provides more than 2000 chemical products, including precursor chemicals, in the past 20 more years.


       In our operation, we have been observing law and disciplines and strengthening self-discipline. We have standardized such sections as purchasing, transportation and sales for precursor chemicals, enhanced management of precursor chemicals and prevented them from entering illegal channels. We believe that it is not only the responsibility of an enterprise, but also that of each staff to do so.

       Approved by Nanjing Narcotics Control Commission Office, the evaluation was conducted by Nanjing YiZhiDu Chemical Management Association among its members. With three levels, namely five-star, four-star and three-star, the evaluation graded each enterprise based on its licenses and procedures, internal management, division of labor, input and output registration, training, purchasing, sales, transportation account and so on.

       Being recognized as Four-Star Enterprise, Golden Chemical will be inspired to put responsibility and security high on the agenda and further improve the management of precursor chemicals.