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Zhejiang Textile Dyeing & Printing Auxiliaries Annual Meeting 2018 Concludes

Author:    Click:160    DateTime:2018-5-21 10:26:47

The 28th Zhejiang Textile Dyeing & Printing Auxiliaries Academic Annual Meeting 2018 was held at Jinma Palace, Zhejiang Province during May 18 to 20. The meeting was hosted by Zhejiang Textile Dyeing & Printing Auxiliaries Association. Nanjing Golden Chemical Co., Ltd took part in the meeting and gained fruitful results.

       The Dyeing & Printing industry remains committed to developing new technologies, cutting down resource consumption, reducing environmental pollution, improving added value of products, increasing quality and performance of the economic growth, exploring new ways to marketing, and speeding up to realize structure upgrading and improvement and development model transformation. They are also topics and directions of the industry.

The annual meeting invited senior experts to present attendees with the most cutting-edge and professional development trend of technologies as well as the latest industry information.

The annual meeting covered operation and trend of China’s dyeing & printing industry, compliance requirements and application measures of restricted materials in the textile industry, development of green functional fabric and sifting of auxiliaries, trend of non-woven fabrics industry and supporting auxiliaries and discussion of textile deep dyeing. Attendees conducted in-depth exchanges and explored ways to meet the needs of high-efficient, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly development of the industry.

The annual meeting was praised by all attendees. Golden Chemical also took the opportunity to show our new products and technologies and make more new friends at the meeting.